We want to provide you with as much information as we can concerning your monthly bill. Here, you’ll see everything from 计费 guidelines and how to read your bill to disputing costs.

If you have questions concerning any of the information on this page or about your bill, click 大发体育官网 在整个页面中都可以找到. 



大发体育官网按月给你开账单. 如果您没有在正常时间收到账单,请 大发体育官网.

Payment is due sixteen (16) calendar days after the date the bill is issued. 如果第16天正好是假日或周末, 那么截止日期是16日之后的下一个营业日. When payment is not received by 大发体育官网 or an authorized agent before close of business on or before the due date, 大发体育官网认为该票据拖欠.

The due date appearing on your bill applies only to the current month’s 计费. If your bill displays a previous balance, the current bill due date does not apply to that balance.

Your bill is considered delinquent when you have a previous balance and is subject to disconnection for nonpayment. If a check is returned to 大发体育官网 by your bank unpaid, there will be a returned check charge. 退票必须用现金、汇票或本票支付. After a cash payment is received for the balance of the returned check plus the returned check charge, the returned check will be sent to you if you provide a written request accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. If the bank presents a letter to 大发体育官网 indicating a check has been returned as a result of the bank’s error, 大发体育官网不会收取退费. 欧洲邮政总局不接受远期支票.



Payments made to unauthorized collection agencies are made at the risk of the customer. 大发体育官网的价格表副本可在各营业网点索取. Please be sure to refer to the particular type of service when looking up this information.

To request a Customer Handbook outlining the services you are entitled to as a customer, 请 大发体育官网.



Below are a list of terms typically found on your electric bill along with an explanation on what they cover. Below those terms is a link to a sample bill with a line-by-line look at how to read it. The sample bill used here is modeled after a Texas residential customer bill. 

  • 大发体育官网费用: A fixed charge based on customer services including meter maintenance and reading costs, 计费, 记录管理和大发体育官网服务成本.
  • 能源费用: The energy charge associated with producing and delivering electricity to you based on kWh used during the Billing Period.
    • 标准1st 层: 第一级费率您的能源使用费用高达600千瓦时. The rate changes based on 大发体育官网’s two 计费 seasons: Summer (May thru October) and Winter (November thru April).
    • 所有剩余: 只在夏季, all energy use in excess of 600 kWh is billed at a higher rate than the first tier.
  • 燃料费用: The cost of fuel used to generate the electricity 大发体育官网 (大发体育官网) provides you. 燃料费用是通过直接传递来收回这些成本.
  • 燃料退款/附加费: 调整, 用于燃料的过度收集或不足收集, 是为了确保大发体育官网只支付大发体育官网的费用. These line items only occur if the price for fuel significantly changes resulting in the Fuel Charge either under collecting or over collecting from the actual price 大发体育官网 paid for fuel.  
  • 联邦税收优惠: 与2017年《大发体育官网》相关的信贷.
  • 能源效率回收系数: 大发体育官网可获得的能源效率项目的成本.
  • 传播成本回收: The cost of investments made to the electrical transmission system that provides reliable service to customers.
  • 分销成本恢复: The cost of investments made to the electrical distribution system that delivers reliable service to customers.
  • 军事基地折扣回收系数: Texas electric utilities are required under the Public Utilities 监管 Act to provide a discount to Texas military bases, 比如布利斯堡.
  • 合并率信贷: A credit to customers related to the acquisition of 大发体育官网 by the Infrastructure Investments Fund (IIF).





If you have a dispute or complaint with respect to 大发体育官网's 计费 procedures, 存款要求, 断开连接的服务, meter problems or any matter generally relating to 大发体育官网's relationship with you as our customer, 请 大发体育官网.

如果你质疑一项法案, you do not have to pay the disputed amount until resolution of the dispute by 大发体育官网.  如果争议没有解决, 大发体育官网 will inform you of the complaint procedures available at the Commission. 如果你向委员会投诉, 大发体育官网 will not disconnect your service for a disputed amount during any phase of the dispute resolution process until the Commission informs you of its determination; but 大发体育官网 does expect you to pay all other non-disputed charges as required.